Post Production






True to our concept of taking your project from concept to finished product, our production team can offer you both the know-how and the actual tools to implement your vision.

By drawing upon a pool of both in-house and freelance talents, from directors and directors of photography to designers and concept artists, our company will provide you with:
  • idea treatments and scriptwriting for audio/visual materials
  • storyboarding and animatics (2D or 3D) to refine the flow of the story
  • extensive casting database, both for on-screen talent and for voice-overs
  • full budgeting and production planning;

Because we have our own production studio, we can also provide the following equipment, either via rental or included in a overall production quote at discounted rates:

  • BetacamSP shooting package, with lenses, tripod and optional grip equipment
  • ABC/Movietech 10m crane and dolly, with remote head controlable via joysticks;
  • Optional film camera packages for higher-end productions;
  • Full assortment of lights and special effects tools;

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